ESSB Bill 5878, regarding visual and performing arts education, is now available for public input! It is important that lawmakers hear from supporters that the arts are essential to well a rounded education. Please make your voice heard and support the creative, social, and emotional learning of our students!


What's the opportunity?

Beginning with the 2023-24 school year, public schools must offer regular instruction in the visual and performing arts. Across the state, our 1 million students receive uneven and inequitable access. Additional guidance clarifies the amount and type of instruction. Click here to learn more!


There are three ways you can show your support to lawmakers:

Note My Position

  • This is the fastest and easiest method!
  • This means that you just put your name down as a supporter. It is good to have lots of support so the lawmakers know this is a popular bill with the public.
  • You don't have to prepare anything

Virtual/Remote Testimony

  • Sign up to speak for the the public hearing on Friday, February 18th at 10am.
  • You will be given two minutes to speak on behalf of the bill and why it's important to you. Local and personal stories are the best!
  • Have a prepared statement and be ready to go!

Written Testimony

  • You can write in up to 5,000 characters expressing your support of the bill.
  • This is great for people who have strong opinions and viewpoints but cannot attend at the time of scheduled virtual testimony


How to Sign In Support and/or testify:

  1. Click here and select "House"
  2. Under committees, select "Education"
  3. To the right of the committee drop-down, select the hearing time, "02/18/22 10am"
  4. Under “Select agenda item,” click on the bill you’d like to support, "ESSB 5878 Arts Instruction"
  5. Under “Select type of testimony,” click your method of choice: testify remotely, position noted, or written testimony.
  6. Fill out the required fields. (for noting position - be sure to mark “Pro” under “Position”)
  7. Hit submit! If you selected testify remotely, be sure to check your email for the link to the virtual hearing.


About the Bill: Beginning with the 2023-24 school year, Washington state public schools shall offer regular instruction in at least one visual art or at least one performing art, throughout the academic school 2 year. Each student must receive instruction in at least one arts 3 discipline throughout their K-8 education experience. For grades nine 4 through 12, all students must be given the opportunity to take arts coursework each academic year.